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About Data JigsawAre you P272 ready?

About DataJigsaw

The cost of energy is confusing and is made up of a number of charges, the commodity, the transportation and the taxes. There is now an addition due to technology advances to capture the meter reading without site visit, this charge is identified as another item within your bill. Large volume users have advanced to a half hourly reading rather than once a day and this has been for some time now and in the last couple of years the industry regulator Ofgem has rolled this half hourly requirement out to smaller users called maximum demand meters with profile class 05 to 08, the investigations completed by the regulator Ofgem concluded, this policy will enhance the consumption knowledge helping the power suppliers to purchase with more accuracy and the white paper P272 estimates companies in this sector will potentially see reductions on costs charged to them. Data Jigsaw identified that if the costs of the meter per year and the charges for remote data collection were outside of the power suppliers billing, then the actual fees will become less confusing and business customers will see the true cost of the commodity. The second major upset to the smaller user group forced to comply to the Ofgem changes P272, is the one large yearly fee charged just for the meter, so a monthly manageable fee inclusive of all would be preferred.

Data Jigsaw are an independent company that was set up to facilitate clients with the approach to meter operator and data collection known as MOP, DC, COP3/5/10 and P272. Whilst many clients do understand the requirement for a meter operator with data collection, they may not know that this does not have to be the same party that supplies the premises with the service. Data Jigsaw utilise IMServ (largest UK MOP/DC compliant centres) Data Jigsaw has a rich heritage in data collection and metering, covering over 5% of the UK’s entire business electricity consumption with over 250,000 metering points. The specialist end-to-end management solutions, combined with experienced engineers, extensive industry knowledge and a powerful web tool interface, (EDV2) Energy DataVision, we deliver accurate readings and cost savings to organisations by giving them the access to the data intelligence on, ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ power is used.

There is no affiliation to any of the electricity suppliers, we are compliant, in an ideal position to be trusted to continue to provide precise energy consumption to all parties. As the technology to collect data via mobile communication has entered the UK, we have made sure the process compliance set by Elexon as the metering regulator in the UK has been followed, this has been essential in our growth but more importantly has given our clients freedom to select any UK electricity supplier.

Why use us

  • One fully inclusive monthly cost covers all requirements for Meter Operation & Data Collection compliance 33% cheaper than all competitors reviewed. Our competitors, charge an annual cost and charge separately for data collection. If the electricity provider upgrades/changes your bill, to conform to Ofgem P272 call us to identify how they are charging you. One annual fee and monthly data collection charge are the way they are rolling out compliance.
  • Existing HH customers already aware of the need for a meter operator MOP  but you should be aware that these services can be tendered out to independent companies like DataJigsaw. Historically the energy supplier that holds the energy supply contract itself has always appointed themselves as MOP & DC. This means that the client has little or no control over what these costs are and DataJigsaw compares at 33% less on a per annum bases.
  • By offering an independent approach, Data Jigsaw are able to offer a number of benefits that are not provided by the energy suppliers in the same cost effective manner.
  • Agreements with Data Jigsaw generally offer improved cost of circa 33% when compared with energy supplier agreements for the same products.
  • Recently OFGEM the energy industry regulator introduced a regulatory change, this change has meant that anyone that is presently supplied on a maximum demand meter (With Profile Class 05, 06. 07 or 08) will have to undergo a change to the present metering system. This change will mean that the client will move to Half Hourly settlement under a change named P272.
  • There is a lot of confusion regarding the changes P272 involves and this has/is not being stated in a very clear manner by the energy suppliers or Distribution Network Operators.
  • Data Jigsaw will explain and break down the costs involved in a thorough way.
  • Data Jigsaw offer the client the opportunity to have full control over the costs of these agreements rather than the energy supplier having the ability to set cost.
  • The client will retain full control over access to the data collected, ensuring that invoices from the energy supplier can be verified for accuracy in terms of usage periods.
  • If your meter is managed by your supplier, they will build in fees to monthly charges and/or charge separately for meter operator costs. Each supplier charges in their chosen way, so they vary, this will further confuse the purchasing decision. With our support this makes the costs clear, and the decision clearer.

What we do

We offer independent services for meter operator & data collection agreements for the following utilities:

  1. Electricity – Both Non Half Hourly & Half Hourly Services along with the transition (P272) between NHH & HH
  2. Gas
  3. Water

Data Jigsaw offer the facility to be able to pay for these agreements on a monthly direct debit, offering one fixed cost that encompasses Meter Replacement, Modem, Maintenance, Communication Line Rental (Via GSM Mobile Network & Fixed Line), and Data Collection. As clients are billed in this way this enables budget certainty for the client.

How we do this

Data Jigsaw work with consultants and energy brokers across the UK, we historically have analysed the details of higher users and have been doing so for clients that spend significantly more on power and gas than the average consumer and HH half hourly data collection is our expertise. Ofgem have placed legislation P272, for MD maximum demand meters to change to half hourly. Due to this, we are fully aware of the component costs which make up the charges to both commodity costs and transportation using the energy network. This means that we can charge effectively in an accurate manner, and if necessary liaise with the energy suppliers to ensure the services run smoothly.

How we work

With permission, Data Jigsaw, will contact your current supplier, then appointed by the supplier via an industry data flow connection. From this point we have everything that we require, we maintain connection and provide meter operating compliance passing the flows to the supplier. Our service includes any replacement meter or modem costs and communication connections. (Landline rental, Mobile Sim and installation fees). We would only charge for, out of normal working hours, if meters must be replaced, our engineers demand overtime if required to work on a  Sunday as an example.