Are you P272 ready?

Does this apply to your business?

If your electricity supply at site has profile class 05, 06, 07 or 08 then the P272 regulation applies to you. The image to the right shows an electricity MPAN, you will find one in the same format on your electricity invoice. If on your MPAN starts where the image is coloured red with 05, 06, 07 or 08 your business will be affected and you should contact us to discuss further.

What do you need to do to comply?

Before April 1st 2017 you will need to appoint a Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) to maintain and run the meters, and send the new readings to your energy supplier.

Did you know you can save money by tendering for the MOP & DC services?

You may not be aware that these services can be tendered across various providers. Historically the energy supplier that holds the energy supply contract itself has always appointed themselves as MOP & DC. This means that the client has little or no control over what these costs are, and will generally be paying more for these services than need be.

Significant savings are available

If you take our advice, to review MOP & DC costs with us; annual savings of more than 30% for every metering point can be achieved. Across all businesses affected that amounts to a potential saving of £116m a year!

P272 made easy

We have created a dedicated, independent online info resource – P272 Resources – to help improve your understanding of P272. Visit the P272 Resources page to also discover how this new piece of regulation presents a new and significant change for medium energy users. You will also find information about the next step for UK business, DCP 161 the next OFGEM regulation which follows P272.

How we can help

Data Jigsaw will individually review the supplies that require MOP & DC in an efficient manner, ensuring that you are fully compliant ahead of the deadline.