What is P272?

A little about P272

Business energy metering is changing – don’t miss out on cost savings

In P272, Ofgem, which regulates UK energy, is changing how business energy usage is metered and billed.

Under the new regulation, all businesses using electricity meters in profile classes 05 – 08 must use automated meters. These meters must send regular half hourly usage data to energy suppliers to enable the supply to be within the half hourly settlement class.

From April 1st 2016 energy suppliers must change the way in which they settle these sites. The half hourly data collected through the automated meter will be used to calculate how much it costs to supply you with the energy you use at the time you use it. The settlement cost suppliers pay will then be used to calculate your individual charges.

What should you do now?

For a complete, thorough review of how P272 will affect your business contact us via email, telephone or via this website.

We will assign a member of our personnel who will be your sole contact throughout the process, in this way your requirements will be treated as individual as you are. We can ensure that the requirements are discussed in full, completing the process to fulfil the requirement so that you may be fully compliant.